By: Jenifer Greene

God bless Arizona.  I have never been more thankful to attend a school where a regular outfit consists of sundresses, a light jacket and flip-flops. On a warm day, you can find students sprawled out across the palm tree-lined “Mall” (a grassy area that fills the center of campus) where it is of course bathed in sunshine.  Unfortunately for many other college students, this is not the case across the nation.

In February, the temperatures have been more on the chilly side, but our 65-degree weather is laughed at compared to East Coast schools with subzero temperatures. The University of Maryland, Penn State, and Towson University have already experienced numerous snow days. Although, it may seem fun to have a day filled with no classes and snowball fights, I think I would choose sunny Arizona over the alternative.  No North Face jackets to be thrown on or stocking up on gloves, hats, and other winter accessories. Hasn’t winter break been over for at least a month now? I know where Mother Nature rarely interferes a college experience and that is at the U of A. There’s no place like it! So if you’re bored of sitting in your dorm, staring at the snow out your window, start booking a vacation to the West Coast. You won’t be disappointed.

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