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By: Eric Hahn (University of Miami)

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Ron Artest is famous for a lot of a things. He was involved in the Brawl at the Palace of Auburn Hills back in 2004, he’s noted as having  horrible character, and he also admitted to drinking Hennessey during halftime of games. What Ron is famous for now though may surprise you.

Ron Artest has been known as a lockdown defender in the NBA. All Artest wanted in return for his defense was a championship ring. It took Artest four teams and 11 seasons, but he finally got one as a Laker. But as’s Scott Howard Cooper tells us, Ron isn’t keeping his ring.

Artest says he will put the ring up for auction with the hopes of being able to put more psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists in schools.

So Artest is just giving up everything he’s ever worked for to help kids who need it. I have to stand up and say thank you Ron. As complicated and strange as you may be, it is good to know deep inside you do care.

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