Soccer Hottie, Hope Solo will Go Nude for ESPN The Mag

hope solo

This year we learned that despite our complete lack of care or interest in the sport, the United States can still produce a competent Women’s Soccer Team. We also learned that girls who play professional Soccer can actually be pretty hot. Very hot in some cases. Check out our Hottest Soccer Chicks Gallery if you don’t believe me.

The undisputed crown jewel of the team is Goalie, Hope Solo. Normally reserved (i’m basing that on the impossibility of finding her on Google Images, wearing anything less than a Soccer Jersey), Hope has shocked the world and our Libido’s with her announcement that she will appear in ESPN The Magazine’s “Bodies” Issue….minus said Jersey.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/hopesolo/status/101027689317679104″]

I think i’m sweating already…

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