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Keg Stands Community

Campus Socialite bloggers have access to an exclusive google group that provides them with the opportunity to interact with the entire writing team. Staff writers, editors, managers, and college students across the nation that are part of the team are able to communicate with each other through this network. Bloggers can post links to their individual articles via group e-mails, and ask others to share that content via social networking websites. Writers can also suggest ideas for articles, comment on their fellow bloggers’ posts, leave feedback about a story or simply communicate freely with each other. Keg Stands Community is primarily about making the work environment fun and promoting teamwork (much like a keg stand does), while also keeping in touch with other writers around the country that represent The Campus Socialite blog, as well as Campus Socialite Media.

Student Blogger Internship

In a new professional generation, students must differentiate themselves from the crowd in order to gain a leg up on the competition. By joining The Campus Socialite writing team, students procure the opportunity to create a brand for themselves, build their resumes, develop a personal web presence, and network with entrepreneurial peers from across the country. In order to maximize their potential as a Campus Socialite blogger, a student must make a consistent effort to promote articles, get involved in social media, and communicate with the other members of the writing team. Bloggers understand that organization and structure are key to the prolonged success of the site. Campus Socialite Media is seeking a level of consistency, order, reliability, accountability, as well as creativity from its student writers.

Blogger Perks

Campus Socialite Media takes care of its bloggers by providing them with incentives and rewards in exchange for the great work they do. Previous perks include commission opportunities, free movie and concert tickets, apparel, drinking games, axe products, and much, much more.

Blogger Influence

The Campus Socialite’s social media department also makes sure that its bloggers’ articles get as much attention and traffic as possible. The team promotes the continued success, and stimulates the exponential growth, of the individual writer’s reputation, The Campus Socialite blog, and Campus Socialite Media by utilizing networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon, and Reddit.

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