The Social Media Savant: Tracking the Lifestyle of a College Student


Socialites, welcome to the world of social media: Everyone needs to know what you’re doing or thinking at any given time of day…and no one is more obsessed with sharing their thoughts and actions than college students. The question is: Do we endlessly share to spread our own knowledge to others, or do we just want to be celebrities in our own personal worlds? It’s a matter that’s still in debate, and might be forever. But the fact remains that we derive some form of pleasure from letting all of our friends and acquaintances know about every detail of our lives, and every day we find new ways to do just that. Don’t believe me? Here is an entire day in the life of an average social media savvy college student…If I leave any details out, then maybe you should create a way for me to share those, too.

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So, you wake up in the morning, afternoon, night, whenever you prefer. Before you do anything, you have to let everyone know about this wild dream you had about a giant banana that funnels Four Lokos and does the Macarena. Luckily, there’s a perfect place to do that: Twitter, prepare thyself! Make sure all of your followers like it enough to retweet it to their followers, who in turn retweet it to their followers, and so on and so forth for all of eternity. Throw a popular and relevant hashtag on there, and random people might find and follow you. Not only that, but now you’ve permanently recorded an otherwise fleeting memory of a fantastically weird dream.

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You shower, brush your teeth (hopefully), and head out for class. You could tweet about that, too. The walk to class requires a pair of headphones and some sort of music listening device. You put on your favorite song by your favorite band on your favorite Pandora Radio Station (that’s a lot of favorites). Wouldn’t you like everyone else to know that song/artist/radio station, too? Guess what? You can share all of that as you’re strolling to the lecture hall.

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When you finally get to class, you sit down at a desk and prepare to tune out your professor (don’t lie, we know you’re not actually taking notes the whole time). Your friends are always accusing you of skipping class, so why don’t you prove it to them by checking into your class via Foursquare. You can do this from any place, at any time. Your hypothetical stalkers will love you.

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Class is finally over: Lunch time! Go find a good place to get a tasty meal. If the food really blows you away, you can upload a photo and your thoughts about it with Foodspotting, That’s right, you can even share your lunch with the world…or make everyone jealous of the epic feast you just devoured.


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Maybe you’re feeling a little bit saucy today and decide to go on a miniature online shopping spree after dining like a don. Mom wired you some extra cash, or maybe you made a quick buck doing a favor for a friend. Regardless of how it happened, you have some cash to burn and you’re going to order some fresh new kicks, buy a digital album, or rent a movie. I think you know what’s coming next: Let everyone know what you just bought (or rented) with Blippy, a site that connects to iTunes, Netflix, Woot, eBay and more.


When you get home (if you aren’t already), kick back, and relax with all your friends. If you don’t plan on hitting the bar, then you’re probably spending the rest of the night watching television…and that’s where GetGlue comes in. Check into your favorite TV shows, books, video games, and even wine…yeah, you heard me correctly, WINE. Isn’t the Internet just ridiculous?


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If you DO decide to go out and party with your friends, make sure to take plenty of pictures of your boys (or girls) and you using your smart phone as a camera (yeah, it’s that easy). You can share those straight to Facebook while you’re sipping your drink of choice: Tweet the fact that you’re enjoying that drink, update your status about the hot chick across the bar, check into that bar from Foursquare, and repeat the whole process all over again. And that, my friends, is why you’re a campus socialite.

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