Social Media Tools for Every College Students’ New Years Resolution

The New Year means resolutions that many will find hard to begin or lack the motivation to stick with.  As college students, many of our resolutions involve bettering ourselves in personal, professional, and scholarly aspects of life, so of course it’s going to be hard to stick to.


As students we find ourselves immersed in social media, so why not use it to help keep our goals? Some of the websites we visit daily can be very helpful if you know exactly how to use them.  So let’s sit back and prepare to stick out our resolutions and not become a statistic that gives up after a month or two.


Twitter can be used for many things including your everyday personal use. You can use it to lose weight if you start following nutritional experts and other people on the journey to weight loss they will be a support system. Using Twitter can be like your food journal and when you lose motivation you can call upon your new support system.

Are you about to graduate and look for a job? You can use twitter to search for advice from industry insiders. Personally I follow many journalism tools and hash tags tailored to both helping me finding a job and to learn more as I go.  For everyone looking for an internship and don’t know how to go about it, #internchat is a good hash tag to follow. There is a chat every week and they give advice on how to find a great internship and how to stand out once you have it.  This is a great way to start the New Year.

Remember the Milk

Do you want to get yourself on a schedule? Do you frequently forget things you have due or have to pick up while you’re out? Well his would be a great app for you. Remember the Milk is an app that allows you to manage your tasks on the go and get reminders via email, text message, or even IM.  Do you already have a calendar set up with things that need to be accomplished, but it’s hard to access it on the go? Sync it with Remember the Milk.

Here’s the best part, with the new semester there will be the inevitable group project, we all know the people who claim they forgot what they were supposed to do, well not anymore.  With remember the milk you can set up a task list specific to the group and share it with them.

Does your group have a note sharing system? Many Greek chapters have file systems, but they are never up kept.  With you have a content management system that is simple and that you can even access on mobile devices.  Files are made for easy collaboration, so you can keep things up to date. This is something you and your friends should check out to keep yourselves on task with classwork.


Studying for tests has never been more fun or easy, with Quizlet you can make flashcards that you can share with your friends that will make studying more efficient.  It helps you to count how many questions you get correct and how many you didn’t.  Studying for the GRE? There are flashcards for that already so save your time, in fact there are flashcards many different subjects and all you have to do is search.

In the New Year let’s become better students, let’s learn to work hard and play harder just one lesson that we have to learn on the road to growing up.

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