Socialite Approved: 1989 BatMobile On Sale for $620,000



Oh Shit, Socialites. If you happen to have an extra $620 Grand lying around, you can now be the owner of the coolest Superhero related mode of transportation in Comic Book movie history. The 1989 Batmobile (replica), driven by Michael Keaton and a series of stunt doubles while playing the Caped Crusader, has gone on sale on Ebay. Do I hear $621 Grand?

Here in 2011, this version of the legendary automobile seems a little dated. Christian Bale’s Batman drives something closer to a mini-tank on wheels, much more practical for someone who is going to be barreling through Gotham City in pursuit of hardened criminals. This one however, is actually street legal, and even though it’s 80’s as Fuck (if that makes any sense), nobody could question your Badassitude if you pulled up to a party in that.

The vehicle might be a replica, but it’s being touted by it’s owner, Casey Putsch as the only existing replica that operates the way a Batmobile should. It is turbine powered, and can be driven remotely using Naval Drone technology. It runs at about 365 horse power, and also has a centrally mounted 3G iPad, a gadget that even Batman didn’t have in 1989 (you’ll have to fact check me on that one).


Bottom line, this thing might be a little on the ugly side (my personal opinion of course) but it’s Batman’s car. The one he used to defeat The Joker, The Penguin, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze (“Chill Out Man!”). Even in 2011, the Batmobile is Socialite Approved.

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