puma suede bottoms

Socialite Approved: Heinz Suede Pumas With Inked Up Bottoms

puma suede bottoms

On the outside they look like just a normal pair of suede Pumas. No big deal. Turn them over, Bam! Brotastic art on the bottom of your feet. Talk about Peacocking all you want. True style is about strategic subtlety and Puma just did all the hard work of matching accessories and tastefully mis-matching ties and shoes, for you. One more way to make crossing your legs look boss.

puma suede

Not gonna lie, the shoes are pretty cool on their own. Suede, black stripe, white canvas bottoms, Hell Yeah. Just make sure to check your local weather forecast before wearing, because those things won’t even make it out of a light drizzle. To be honest, I’d be weary of wearing shoes with art on the bottom of them anywhere. But if you have the 99 Euros (roughly $140) to blow on some sick kicks that you can prob only wear about 20 times before they’re just another pair of Pumas, you can be the temporary man. Get em at Unotre.

 sude pumas

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