Socialite Approved Releases (August 15th – 19th, 2011)


Movies: Conan the Barbarian

conan the barbarian

Nostalgia re-makes are all the rage nowadays, and for all you Conan fans of the 90s (me included) Conan the movie is a must-see. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the last to play Conan in 1982, back in the good old days of Arnold. This time he’s being played by Jason Momoa. For all you Game of Thrones fans, Momoa played Khal Drago in Season 1, so the barbarian experience is definitely there. I think Momoa will bring a more realistic, more barbaric tone to the character, and all in 3D. OF all the movies coming out this week, this is definitely the gem.

DVD: Dexter Season 5

Everyone’s favorite Serial Killer has really gone the distance. Who would have thought a monotone, sociopathic, server of justice would capture the hearts of America the way Dexter has. In Season 5, Julia Stiles joined the cast as a battered damsel in distress. Dexter finds her in an attic after killing her rapist. The two become a serial killing/fucking team and take down this entire syndicate of rapists. Season 5 drops on DVD tomorrow, and for all you exclusively on DVD TV fans, it’s a must. Just for you, I didn’t even ruin the ending.


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