Movies – Captain American: The First Avenger

captain america

It would have made sense to release this movie a little closer to 4th of July. No worries though. It’s still Summer as far as I can see and a movie about the most patriotic Super Hero of all time fits right in. In the next chapter of the slowly accumulating Avengers Saga, we go back to World War 2, where a scrawny little kid takes part in a military experiment, and a Super Soldier was born. That and a badass shield that deflects bullets. Chris Evans has not been tested as an actor, but seeing as how CGI was used to make look smaller, not bigger, he’s physically a good fit. I’ll see it just to see Hitler get fucked up.

DVD – Limitless

limitlessOk, i’ll admit: this movie was not attractive enough to actually see in theaters. Maybe that, or I just decided to go to the bar instead. Anyway, the reason this is Socialite Approved is because not that it’s on DVD, I will be renting it ASAP. Dude takes a pill and instantly turns into the most awesome dude in existence. Sounds like my Saturday night. Bradley Cooper is great and Robert Deniro is better, even though his script selection skills have faded. This is the perfect movie for a post-bar hook-up session, or even with your boys. $1.99 For RedBox beats $10.50 at the theater.

Video Games – Captain America: Super Soldier

captain america super soldier xbox

Super Hero Videogames are always kind of awesome. The sports games are cool and all, but platformers have a way of geting you emotionally involved, and let’s face it, between the hours of 12 pm and 9 pm, you have time to kill. Captain America will combine a super hero game with a war game, which is a match made in heaven. Rent first, but definitely check it out. Show those Nazi Fucks who’s boss.


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