Socialite Approved Releases (July 25th – July 29th)

 Movie: Cowboys and Aliens

cowboys and aliens

Let me get something off my chest. If I were gay, and he were gay, and the world was ending tomorrow, I would totally kill a bottle of Pinot Grigio with Daniel Craig. James Bond  himself is back in what looks like a role of equal Badassitude in Cowboys and Aliens. Jon Favreau, Steven Spielberg, and Ron Howard all have hands in this epic movie about, you guessed it, cowboys and aliens. Not to mention Harrison Ford (The original space cowboy) and Olivia Wilde (Yum). Olivia Wilde appears to be naked in at least one scene too, if the movie itself didn’t get your salivary glands going already.


DVD: Jersey Shore Season 3

jersey shore season 3

As we patiently await the much anticipated Italy footage of Jersey Shore Season 4, Season 3 drops on DVD this week. Season 3 was the gang’s epic return to the actual Jersey Shore, Deena’s first season, Angelina’s first non-season, and the one where the perennial Ronny and Sammi drama turned epic. In the short history of Jersey Shore, Season 3 has a World War 2 kind of feel too it. Not that they don’t play the episodes 3 times a week on MTV anyway, but if you feel like blowing $35 for no particular reason, you heard it here: Jersey Shore Season 3 is now on DVD.


DVD: Animal House (Blu-Ray)

animal house blu-ray

Animal House, quite possibly the most College movie of all time, and as you all know, college is our bread and butter. Animal House practically invented what is now the standard college experience. The blue shirt with “College” written across it, and John Belushi wearing it whilst chugging a bottle of Jack Daniels will forever be symbols of The College, nay, The Campus Socialite lifestyle. If you are sitting in a dorm and/or frat house right now and you’ve never seen Animal House, for shame. Get yourself to Best Buy and pick up your Blu-Ray copy ASAP. Come fall You’ll have all the tips you need to haze those pesky freshman with style.

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