Socialite Approved Releases (July 4th – July 8th, 2011)

horrible bosses

Check out The Campus Socialite’s picks for what’s dropping this week in Movies, Music, DVD, and Gaming. You heard it here first.

Movies – Horrible Bosses

horrible bosses

Anyone who loved Arrested Development and still loves It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia needs to see this movie. Sure Jason Bateman and Charlie Day have had some flops recently, but this movie has an an all-star cast, and although judging by trailers is difficult, it looks hysterical. Look for a serious comeback from Colin Farrel, Kevin Spacey doing what he does best, and Jennifer Aniston and her Wolverinesque ability to still look as hot as she did on Friends.

DVD – Boy Meets World Season 6

boy meets world season 6

I don’t even remember how many seasons Boy Meets World had, let alone what was going on in Season 6. I’m gonna guess it was during that strange phase, where they lived in a gigantic apartment and basically cloned Sean. Either way, Boy Meets World will always be Socialite Approved, and if you happen to own Season 1-5, here’s another for your collection. Also, what are you doing around 9:00?

Gaming – Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition PC

Are they really making more Street Fighter games? Well, like Boy Meets World, anything Street Fighter related is OK in my book. The game is dropping on Windows PC, which is kinda weird for a console kid like me,  but from what I’m told, games on computer always have better graphics and run smoother. You’ll prob have to buy a USB controller but if you know anything about Emulators, it’s well worth it. I’ve beaten Mario 3, about 3 times in the last 2 months. Just saying…


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