Socialite Approved Releases (October 10th – October 14th, 2011)

TV: Bored To Death (10/10/11)

You probably don’t watch this show. In fact, I still can’t believe it even got a 3rd Season seeing as how I’ve never even casually encountered another human being who watches it, saying a lot considering it’s on HBO. Regardless, someone needs to tell all these people are missing out and I have decided to take the reigns. The show stars Jason Schwartzman (Gideon from Scott Pilgrim), Ted Danson (classic badass) and Zack Galifiniakis (the fat dude from The Hangover). The best way I’d explain it is that all 3 are bunch of book smart, super nerds that are actually, in any kind of real-world interaction, complete retards. I’m oversimiplifying but I don’t know how else to sell this show besides it is awesome, watch it. When have I ever steered you wrong?

Video Games: Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (10/11/11)

It’s taken long enough, but maybe the most time consuming game to ever ruin your Saturday will now release a sequel. In my personal opinion, complexity within simplicity is what makes the best video games. What I mean is that the concept of Dead Rising is kill zombies, save people, walk places by certain times. The ways in which you can kill those zombies however, are fucking infinite. Baseball bats, chainsaws, guitars, golf clubs. Everyone has at one point wished that they were in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse with an infinite amount of weapons. You know it’s true. That is all Dead Rising is and the 2nd one looks even more Zombie and weapon chocked than the 1st. Getting mine tomorrow. Seeya next week.


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