Movies: The Ides Of March (October 7th)

ides of march movie

This isn’t our normal Socialite Approved movie, but it’s the biggest movie of the week by far and I had to give it a mention. The All-Star cast is practically not even worth mentioning with superstars George Clooney, Ryan Gosling and my favorite Smoking Hot Vampire, Evan Rachel Wood (see gallery later today). Evan has been conveniently left out of the previews because she is the focus of the mystery scandal that the candidate (Clooney) embroils himself in and his press secretary (Gosling) must find him a way out of. Great cast, directed by Clooney himself, topical and considering the subject matter, it actually looks like there’s a shit load of action. Definitely, must see.

DVD: Fast Five (October 4th)

fast five

The 5th chapter of the legendary Fast And Furious saga gets released on DVD tomorrow. After a few serious mis-fires with Paul Walker trying to carry movies and that weird drifting one without Walker or Diesel, the original cast (plus Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) returned for an epic #5. Diesel’s return is what made the movie, and the addition of The Rock didn’t hurt either. Jam packed with all the action, cars and mediocre acting you loved in the original. Not only that, they left it open for a sequel. If you didn’t see it in theatres, pick it up tomorrow. Keep it on after the credits.

Video Games: NBA 2K12 (October 4th)

nba 2k12

The NBA might be locked out with not a shred of hope for resolution, but we can temporarily forget about the drama with NBA 2K12. As we reported earlier, the NBA no longer holds the rights to have one of it’s superstars on the cover, so instead they went with 3 covers featuring Magic Johnson, Larry Bird or Michael Jordan, complete with some Comic Book-esque flair. The legends aren’t just here to look pretty though. Johnson, Bird and Jordan, along with 12 others, will all be playable characters, allowing fans to finally settle the debate over who the greatest ever truly is. You can also create custom scenarios in “Situation Mode” and skip the regular season for “Playoff Mode.” Everything you need to create your own NBA season while the real one attempts to work itself out.

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