Socialite Approved: The “Very Many Varieties of Beer” Poster

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Having posters of girls making out in your dorm serves it’s purpose. Maybe you have a few band posters, maybe even one of those one with the 50 different kinds of shots. All very cool and very college. But here’s the hard truth. Girls like class, and as much as she may not say that 3 girls spread eagle on a bed staring at her when she wakes up in your bed rubs her the wrong way, it does. The good thing is that you can preserve that whole college feel in your room while still maintaining some level of class. That’s why you need to check out the “Very Many Varities of Beer” poster.

We know you love Booze and that you want to express that love of Booze. What better way to do so with the classiest alcohol-related poster I’ve ever seen in my life. This thing is stylish, matches any scheme (you have a scheme don’t you?), and it’s educational about one of the best topics in the world to be educated about. Jon Belushi chugging a bottle of Jack Daniels is awesome, don’t get us wrong. But take one look at this thing and tell us it’s not an upgrade and a half. Order it before your friends. They read  this site too.

Get it here: The Very Many Varieties of Beer Poster

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