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Let’s get something straight: Nobody is calling your bedroom abilities into question. You’re a Campus Socialite, and that means you’ve had all the practice you need. All I’m saying is we all have our off days. Sure, It’s cool to just bust one out once in a while, with your semester long bang buddy, or a 3 AM last resort. But once in a while, that girl comes around, the one who’s legs, ass, and tits you’ve been staring at like a bottle of Poland Spring in a desert for weeks. With that girl, you need to wow her, knock her off her feet, make her lay in her bed every night drooling for more. This week, Socialite Etiquette shows you how to “Make It Count.”

Never Go Out With a Loaded Gun

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I’m sure you’ve heard this one before but we really can’t stress it enough. I’ve had more than one guy tell me “Dude, this girl is so hot. I’m not jerking it again until I hit it.” Wrong strategy, dude. What you don’t understand is as far as your dick is concerned, you’ve been jerking it to this girl for days. Every time you think about her, you’re jerking it. The only thing missing is the physical stimulation, and the moment that happens, boom goes the dynamite.

If you have any reason to believe it’s happening tonight, get on the interweb, click on your favorite YouPorn Category (you know you have one), and go to town. Keep it within 2 hours of meet up time, and you might just get a few left hooks in before knockout.

Make it a Drinks Date

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I’m sure we’ve all heard of Whiskey Dick. I’m sure we’ve all experienced it once or twice too. Well, that’s not quite what we’re aiming for here, but the basic idea in moderation could be useful. Too many drinks might sink your Battleship but just a few can keep it floating long and strong. Whether you go out to dinner, or the bar, make sure you have some alcohol. 3 or 4 should do the trick.

The key is not to overdo it, because one, not getting it up is 10 times worse than finishing fast, and two, you do not wanna be sloppy on closing night. If she’s drinking too, great, but keep it under 3. Everything’s better with alcohol, but you don’t want her drunk. Have some class, Bro. Do it clean, do it honest, and most importantly, do it long. The 2 or 3 beers will only make it better for all parties involved.

Long Introductions

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Now that we covered prep, let’s get down to the serious stuff. You’re gun is still reloading, and those 3 drinks are keeping you honest, but just because you have her in the sack, the strategy doesn’t stop. Her memory of the night, the stuff she talks about with her friends, it all starts right here, and you need to make that start strong. We all say we love foreplay, but be honest, if you had your way, you would rip those panties off while you were still wearing your shirt. Ease up, pal. You’re smoking ribs, not hot dogs: low and slow.

It may not be actual intercourse, but girls enjoy foreplay almost as much. You may not, but at least you’ll have control over your load, so the best way to “extend” the night, is to stay in  heavy petting mode as long as possible. This will make the experience (and more importantly, her memory of it) go longer, but it will also create anticipation, and when it’s time for the real thing, she’ll orgasm much sooner. Preferably while your still having sex, and not the next afternoon with her vibrator.

Change it Up

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You’re jerked out, semi-drunk, foreplay’s lead to play play, and you are in buddy. Hope it’s as glorious as you always imagined. She’s about to finish, you are nowhere close, and everything is sunshine and rainbows. Rest easy, right? Wrong! This is it man, the real deal. Now is when you put the icing on the cake. The easiest way to make sex better for her, and longer, is to change it up. I’m not talking about her on top, and then you turning her over and finishing. I’m talking about fluid, often, and into positions she wouldn’t think anatomically possible.

The more you change positions, the better chance she is going to orgasm. Proven by science and shit. Not just that though, asking a girl to remember the exact length of a sexual episode is ridiculous. All she’s going to remember is long or short, and by changing positions often, you will force the ever so common association between actual length and quantity. Think of it this way: When her roommate asks how it went, would you rather her say “He fucked me missionary for half the duration of Sexual Healing” or “We did Doggy, Reverse Cow-Girl, Wheelbarrow, and finished with the Inverted Monkey Crawl?” Do the math.

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