Some Choice Words Courtesy of The Sopranos

Along with eating a toasted sesame seed bagel and berating my dog for taking everything out of the bathroom garbage and strategically placing it on the floor of my apartment like some trashy game of Candyland, my Sunday morning ritual is not complete without watching some classic episodes of The Sopranos on A&E.  As much as I love catching up with my favorite Jersey crime syndicate, much of the Mafia magic is lost when the goodfellas’ language is cleaned up for cable television.  If you are a frequent reader of The Campus Socialite, you know how much I enjoy hearing some poor made for TV editing, however with a show like The Sopranos, there is no substitute for a genuine F-bomb.  Instead of having to hear Tony tell some poor schmuck to “go freak himself in the armpit,” just get your complete fix of every expletive ever uttered on The Sopranos with director Victor Solomon’s 27 minute, 18 second symphony of uncensored gangster filth made available to you after the jump.

the sopranos, uncensored. from victor solomon on Vimeo.

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