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As I was walking the crowded streets of New York City this past week, I came across an unusual sight that nearly gave me whiplash as I turned around violently to catch a closer look.  Typically, the only instances where I am stopped dead in my tracks and can’t help but stare are when I am face to face with a bombshell of a woman, a favorite pro athlete, or 9-time WWE Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho… seriously, I was speechless when I saw the Lion Tamer at a 2001 taping of Smackdown.  But, most recently, I was in awe of a rare jersey that I saw on the back of a fellow New Yorker, one which made me both laugh heartily and immediately long to see similar, unique gems in the public scene.  The particular jersey that I had the pleasure of stumbling upon was a Little League World Series Danny Almonte uniform, a nostalgic jewel that reminds us all of the magical 14-year old fireballer who tried to pass himself off as two years younger.  Little did I know that the answer to my wish of finding other oddball uniforms could be found at

Named after one the more hilarious athlete run-ins with the law in recent memory, is dedicated to providing visitors with a look at some of the most random jerseys ever worn.  According to their mission statement, Straight Cash Homey’s “goal is to turn the world into an international ridiculous jersey scavenger hunt.”  Without even looking at their catalogue of jersey photos, SCH’s devotion to humor is apparent in the site’s title, one that pays homage to this famous exchange between then-Vikings receiver Randy Moss and a curious reporter:

Browsing through the pages of Straight Cash Homey, I was amazed to see so many jerseys for players who not only did I think would never have their jersey manufactured, but many of whom I never knew played for certain teams.  In addition to their wide array of classic pics, each contribution comes with a witty comment that usually insults the player whose jersey is shown.  Check out this shot at NBA journeyman and all-around doofy white guy, Christian Laettner:

Christian Laettner, 1992 USA Olympic Team: If you want a Dream Team jersey, this isn’t scraping the bottom of the barrel – it’s somewhere several feet below the barrel.  (Found in Chicago.)

Check out a few more fan favorites from and feel free to submit your own crazy jersey findings by e-mailing the good people at SCH at

Earl Boykins, Denver Nuggets: This kid just wanted a game-worn jersey he could actually wear.  (Found by Don in Denver.)

Gheorghe Muresan, Washington Bullets: “Sir, for the last time…you can’t pay for a snack attack special using a My Giant DVD.“  (Found by Derek B. in Traverse City, MI.)

Jung Bong, Atlanta Braves: You might think that owning this jersey is a subtle nod to this guy enjoying pot.  Not so.  It’s an overt nod to his love of terrible relievers.  (Found by Andy in Atlanta.)

Rod Tidwell, Arizona Cardinals: Despite the Super Bowl appearance, Larry Fitzgerald pretty much cemented his place as the second-best WR in Cardinals franchise history.  (Found by Justin in Glendale, AZ.)

No word yet on if anyone has been spotted in the elusive Rasheed Wallace “One-Night Special” Atlanta Hawks jersey.


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