Southern Comfort Introduces Soco Fiery Pepper. Can You Handle It?

southern comfort fiery pepper

If you’ve been in college for over 1 year and you haven’t yet figured out that Soco and Lime is for pussies, you need to repeat freshman year. If you wanna do a shot of something, it’s Whiskey, Tequila, Yager or bust. Soco however, has seriously stepped up it’s game as of late, because it’s new variety is definitely not for the weak of stomach. Sweet Soco + Smoldering Tabasco = Soco Fiery Pepper.

soco fiery pepper

Ever since 20 year old girls discovered Patron, Soco has been struggling hard. Wanting to go in a new direction, this new “original concoction” is instead targeted at dudes and will hopefully bring some fire back to the brand. Sorry, that was cheesy but how could I resist. It’s nothing crazy either. Just plain old Soco infused with Tabasco brand hot pepper sauce. That’s the great thing about Tabasco: universal enhancement in a bottle and the power to turn something lame into a big, manly, boot in the ass.

We’ve all had the Car Bombs, and the Yager Bombs and the Chinese Fire Drill Bombs. Enough is enough. You wanna one up your friends? Fiery Pepper is the way to go. Take 10 shots of this shit in 2 hours, and Soco owes you some flyer miles. Challenge made, Socialites! Send us the pictures. Careful though; the one thing Tabasco doesn’t mix well with is stomach acid, and going up will be way worse than going down.

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