Spa Treatments Can Lessen Post Natal Depression but are Men Too Stingy to Help?


UK-based spa booking agency Spa Seekers recently published an infographic on their blog which revealed that pampering during and after pregnancy can help to alleviate the symptoms of post natal depression (PND) in women. In fact, 71% of PND sufferers polled revealed that undergoing beauty treatments such as facials and manicures helped to improve their self esteem (a precursor to the mental health ailment), either before or after the arrival of their little one.

Spa days are seemingly the perfect gift for new and soon-to-be moms then, and 66% of people polled by Spa Seekers agree. Despite this, the poll also revealed that just 15% of fathers have actually treated their partner to this luxury up to three months after the child’s date of birth.

We at Campus Socialite then, have decided that the male race must be becoming quite stingy when it comes to spending money on their significant others – why else would so few women be getting the pampering they so truly deserve after the emotionally and physically exhausting act of childbirth? Perhaps new dads think it is not their duty to purchase such girly gifts and hope that a friend or relative will oblige instead. Gifts of cards, flowers and chocolate are pleasing enough but they don’t quite cut it after carrying a miniature human being inside you for nine long months, and then painfully forcing said infant out of a pea-sized hole!

Now word is out though, with any luck PND rates will start to decline whilst post-bun-in-the-oven glowing skin, happy feet and confident new mothers become more widespread.

Be sure to check out Spa Seekers’ pregnancy and self esteem infographic below.


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