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Spice Up Your Cinco de Mayo With These Drinks and Recipes

To most people in the states, Cinco de Mayo is an excuse to eat cheesy Mexican food and drink too many margaritas. In reality, it is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride, but most college students take advantage of their last few weeks at school and throw a tequila-fused party complete with sombreros. But what is a party without food and drinks? Check out some of my favorite Mexican recipes and serve them at your party tonight!

Mexican Lasagna

1 pack of tortillas

1 lb. ground beef

1 packet of taco seasoning

1 can of salsa

1 bag of Mexican shredded cheese

1 big can of refried beans

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Brown the meat in a skillet and add taco seasoning. Cook according to seasoning’s directions. Mix salsa and refried beans together. Layer bottom of dish with tortillas. Spread salsa and bean mixture on top. Then layer the meat followed by a layer of cheese. Repeat starting with a new tortilla until you reach the top of the dish and cover with remaining cheese. Bake for 20-30 minutes until cheese is bubbly and delicious.

Optional: Once out of the oven add chopped tomatoes, onion, and shredded lettuce on top. Serve with sour cream.

Easy 3-Ingredient Dip

1 package of cream cheese

1 jar of salsa

Shredded Cheese (Mexican, cheddar, Monterey jack, Colby)

Put cream cheese and salsa in a bowl and microwave until softened. Top with cheese. Serve with tortilla chips.

Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla

2 tortillas

1 cup shredded chicken (boil chicken and shred, use canned chicken, or rotisserie chicken)

½ yellow onion diced

½ green pepper diced

Shredded cheese

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a pan, cook onions and peppers for about 8 minutes on medium to low heat until softened. Layer chicken, onions, peppers, and cheese on top of tortilla. Place other tortilla on top. Put on baking sheet and bake until tortilla gets crisp and cheese is melted, about 15 minutes. Serve with sour cream, salsa, or guacamole.


Skinny Classic Margarita

The perfect margarita recipe for anyone trying to cut down on calories. One Mad Mex Big Azz margarita has over 800 calories in it, so go homemade and your belly will thank you later.

2 oz. of clear tequila (2-count)

Juice from half a lime

Splash of triple sec

Mix together and serve over ice.

Strawberry Margarita On the Rocks

This makes one XL margarita. Perfect for after your last final.

Strawberries, fresh or frozen

¼ cup fresh lemon or lime juice

¼ cup triple sec

¼ cup tequila

Blend together the strawberries and juice. Then mix triple sec and tequila with strawberry puree and pour over ice. Serve in a glass with a salted rim.

Tequila Shooter

Tequila shooters always taste better when taken with friends, especially on Cinco de Mayo.

1 part tequila

1 part Sprite or Ginger Ale

Pour into shot glass. Cover with your hand, slam down on table, and shoot back.


Have a safe and fun Cinco de Mayo, socialites!

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