Cruise Around With The SpnKix Motorized Skates

So, if you’ve been paying attention to the Consumer Electronics Show this year, then you might have heard about the SpnKix Motorized Skate. Remember when Heelys came out and elementary school children almost peed their pants across the nation? Well, now it’s time for us to do the same thing. It’s sort of like they combined Heelys with a Segway in this futuristic looking wheeled shoes. Sure they can only travel 2-3 miles at a time on a two-hour charge, but we’re just looking at the first model here. Give it another year or so and we could see people going to different towns on these babies.


As you can see, the project started on Kickstarter, so I’m pretty sure there’s still some time to pledge some money and get yourself some free stuff out of it. Who knows, maybe getting to class late will just be a thing of the past?  But anyway, if you’re the kind of dude that likes to be ahead of the game with all that high-tech, high-cost stuff, then get on these as soon as possible.

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