St. Mary’s Students Are Gonna Have An Epic Time On Their New Cruise Ship Dorm


You heard me correctly. About 200 students from St. Mary’s College in Maryland will be spending their downtime chilling on a docked cruise ship out of Wilmington, Delaware. This all went down after the school discovered mold in the students’ dorms, and a doctor declared them uninhabitable.


That sounds kinda dope to me. Obviously it must be a pain in the ass to move your belongings out of your dorm and to a remote location not on campus, but these kids get access to all of The Sea Voyagers amenities, including a ballroom, a stateroom, and a shuffleboard court. Where are they holding the Bingo tourneys?


It only makes sense considering that St. Mary’s “defines itself as a center of scholarship and sailing. Students use library cards to check out boats. The school has produced three Olympic sailors, and homecoming weekend features a Great Bamboo Boat Race.” Thanks for those awesomely useless details, Washington Post!

The mold was first noticed at the beginning of the Fall semester, and got significantly worse after the rain that came with Hurricane Irene. When students starting coming down with congestion and bronchitis, the school had a doctor scope out the situation, and he determined that the dorm was not livable.


Since then the students have been hunkering down in vacant off-campus dorms and hotels, with 200 students from the latter being moved to the Sea Voyager. You can thank one brilliant alumnus for cluing President Joseph Urgo in on the in-transit, for-sale luxury cruise ship. The prez subsequently got the captain on the horn, redirected him, and now the ship is docked and waiting for 200 sloppy, mischievous college students to get on board.

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