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Start Putting Some Check Marks on Your Summer Bucket List

By: Travis Harvey (Illinois State University)

So, it’s finally the time of year we’ve all been anxiously waiting for, sitting in classrooms not paying attention and waiting to go lay out in the summer sun. Nothing can compare to the summer months when you’re younger because soon you’ll be tied down with responsibilities of the real world. It’s no secret that your college years will be some of the most memorable and sometimes embarrassing (people don’t forget!) times of your life so, why not make it worth something? You have to live everyday like you are going to die you can go skydiving, rocky mountain climbing, whatever it takes to make your summer great.

This summer a few of my friends decided to make a summer bucket list to keep us occupied all season long. This bucket list has been a road map of sorts to our summer nights and while most of us have work or summer classes to worry about we know that coming home to loads of fun every night. While our bucket list isn’t full of exciting things such as skydiving or drag racing, it works for us.

After creating the bucket list, it was noticed that there were main three categories which include, food, drinking, and random activities. Drinking takes up most of the list, but that’s to be expected. Its summer and we’re in college. The random goals is just what every bucket list needs, the random fun is what summer is all about.


Triple D Restaurant (Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives) – Going to school in Normal, IL, we thought this would be one of the hardest goals to reach on the bucket list, but apparently there are 18 restaurants the guy with the crazy hair has gone to. Guy Fieri has inspired us not only to take a road trip to a Triple D spot, but to also go to restaurants right here in Normal to check out their specialties maybe even video tape it for fun.

Fishing followed by a fish fry – Who doesn’t love catching their own food and then cooking it up with a group of your friends? Actually I don’t like catching my own food or cooking it, hell I don’t even eat fish. If I did I’d rather go out and buy the fish then call it a day, but no my friends insist on actually “roughing it”… yeah right bro.


Inventing a drinking game – My friends have done this before it was easier than we thought, the problem we always run into is explaining the rules to everyone.

A 25+ person game of connections – This goal has actually been completed and it didn’t go exactly the way we expected. Connections, which is a game of cards where if your cards connect by number or suit you drink is more suited for about six people no more. The game just moved so slow people stopped paying attention, if you attempt this only play with people who are excited as you about playing.

Get drunk on the quad – With incoming freshman pouring through the quad what better way to introduce them to the university than a group of upperclassmen getting their drink on in the middle of the quad. These freshman will either know this is the place for them or immediately start calling their back-up schools because they just can’t handle us.

Random Activities

Trip to an Amusement park – No summer would be complete without at least one trip to Six Flags or Cedar Point

Kick ass 4th of July – The highlight of every summer is the 4th of July every year you have to top your party from last year. We don’t have to work hard to top last year’s because 4th of July 2009 was rainy and we were all too hung-over to do much of anything.

So what are you waiting for, grab your friends and make your own bucket list. If this doesn’t make you want to here’s the Tim McGraw video for “Like Like You Were Dying.”

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