Stephen A. Smith Drops An “N Bomb” On Lebron James. Here It Comes (Video)


Just got sent this video, a video that shows Stephen A. Smith clearly (kinda) saying the word “Nigga” while referring to Lebron James. Let’s be clear, he says it in the way that’s cool for one black dude to say about another black dude. Cool in person, cool with your boys, but as we all know, cool on TV is a far different concept.

If in fact they do make a big deal about this, which they will, it’s a real shame. Was Stephen A. Smith attempting to make a recist statement about Lebron James? Do I even have to answer that question? In the heat of talking about something he is actually passionate about (God Forgive Him), he dropped the TV bullshit and said something in the same way he’d say it in a room with his boys. We live in a sad time if we’re criticizing the media for being real.

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