Still Haven’t Gotten Rid Of Cable? You Need To Check Out Boxee Live TV

 boxee live tv

Netflix might have almost fucked themselves over completely with that whole split nonsense they tried, but it is definitely still the preferred way to watch anything. That and hardcore pirating. The issue of course is the whole live TV thing. After all, what would we do without live sports and brand new How I Met Your Mother? Well, good news, It’s time to tell the Cable companies to take a walk for good, because Boxee TV is a one time purchase of $50 and all the live network TV you need. Well, almost, but they’re getting there.

Boxee won’t be available until January 2012, but that is right around the fucking corner. As of right now, you will be able to stream NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC and all your other local broadcast stations. That basically takes care of your network tv, your network news, your sports, and whatever sports you can’t watch on network, get your ass up and go to the bar. With all the money you will be saving on Cable, you can drink and buffalo wing yourself into oblivion. Like I said, and as hard as it may be to believe, this is all for a $50 one-time purchase.

boxee cable

The only issue is that you have to already be an owner of the revolutionary Boxee Box, which is a little more expensive than $50, but the more research I do, the more I realize that I (and you) should be. The Boxee Box pulls episodes of all the shows and programs you like from the internet and puts them on your TV. It also has a “Watch Later” function, “Movie Rental” function, and the most awesome aspect, a “Social” function which connects you with your friends on Social Media and allows you to make and receive suggestions. Apps are available too such as Pandora, Vimeo, Facebook, all of them usable on your TV. The Box costs $179.99 which is up there, but it is a one time purchase, and in my opinion, it is totally worth it. Without an over $100 cable bill every month, it will pay for itself within half a year. Learn more about the Boxee Box Features Right Here.


Cable had a good run but the idea of paying a monthly fee to be able to watch TV has finally become as ridiculous as people thought it would be when it first came out. Cable’s days are numbered, and if you think it’s going to go down quietly, you haven’t had much experience. Expect rising fees and less features as it tries desperately to cling to relevancy. The time to get off the boat is now, and although $239.99 ($179.99 + $50) might seem like a large investment, it will be worth it. Consider this our official endorsement of Boxee Live TV and The Boxee Box. Tell Cable to take a hike.


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