Student Tips: How to Stay Productive When Staying at the Housing for the Holidays

Holidays are a remarkable time for students because they’re a period of no study and undisturbed rest. However, many students end up feeling unproductive and often wish that the holidays would come to a speedy end. This is usually because of the boredom that comes with the lack of activities associated with holidays.

The good news is that your coming holiday doesn’t have to be an unproductive one. Here are a few tips you can follow to have a productive stay when staying in students’ housing for the holidays.

  • Plan Ahead

One of the major reasons why most students end up not having a productive holiday season is because they didn’t make any plans on how to spend the holiday. It makes it impossible for students to know what to do and what not to engage in during the holiday.

So, if you intend to have a productive holiday, you need to begin to plan on the series of activities you’d like to engage in ahead of the holiday. Planning gives you a roadmap on the steps you ought to take and help prepare your mind ahead of the holiday.

In other words, with an exciting plan, your holiday is already half productive and is worth looking forward to. One of the first things to do in your planning is to choose where you’d love to have your holiday. This choice will then determine the other activities you can include in your plans.

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  • Be Organized

Another tip that can ensure you have a productive holiday is to leverage on the power of organizing. This is because a very organized individual is a very productive individual. Having a good plan in your mind or written down somewhere isn’t enough to have a productive holiday. You will need to go a step further by organizing your resources to meet up with your plan. You need to begin to arrange all you’ll need to meet up with all that you want to achieve during the holiday.

This will ensure that you get into the right frame of mind and that you don’t forget to take along anything important to your stay. You may also have to acquire certain resources you presently don’t have ahead of the holiday.

  • Network and Build Relationships

You also need to pay attention to the power of relationships if you want to have a productive holiday while staying in student housing. It’s important to note that you may not be able to achieve all your plans for this holiday alone without interacting with other people. Therefore, you’ll have to build and engage in relationships that can boost your productivity. You will need to pay attention to building two types of relationship with people.

The first type of relationship is comprised of people that fall into the category of advisors. These set of people will be available to advise you on which steps to take in your holiday location and also help you to acclimatize with the environment on time. They could be your school counsellor, an elderly friend you respect, or just someone living where you’re spending the holiday. It’s always advisable you meet with some of these people in this role before your holiday begins so that they can guide you on the things you will need to achieve your plans during the holiday.

The second type of relationship you will need to cultivate as you plan your holiday is to locate people that have similar plans as yours during the holiday. Locating these people and networking with them will help you build an ecosystem of goal helpers around yourself. This will create a natural environment that will automatically allow you to be productive.

With the help of these people, you can build meaningful relationships that will make your stay productive. You may be lucky enough to find and connect with these people using social media platforms even before your holidays begin. If, however, this seems impossible, once you settle down in your student housing apartment, make locating them and establishing this relationship with them one of your priorities.

  • Recreation and Workouts

One major mistake most people make when it comes to trying to be productive during holiday time is to create a choking plan that doesn’t give room for other activities, such as recreation and workouts. The lack of a variety of activities ends up choking them up so much so that their mind may no longer concentrate on any task they set out to achieve.

This is why you have to leverage on the mind settling and body fitness benefits of recreational activities. You will need to create time to get engaged in activities that allows you to exercise your body and give you a time to clear your mind and recharge for the next day.

Thankfully, recreational activities don’t have to be elaborate. It could be an exercise as simple as taking an intentional walk, jumping, running or engaging in sporting activities like soccer, basketball, and bodybuilding workouts like stretching, weightlifting and the likes. The most important thing when it comes to recreational activities and workout is consistency. With the right amount of recreational activity, you can boost your productivity and improve the quality of your stay. Besides, a strong mind and a healthy body will, in the long run, help increase your productivity.

You can build consistency by setting out a specific time during the day that you must leave everything else to focus on whatever activity you have planned.

  • Get a Part Time Job

This point may sound ridiculous to an average person who is all out for fun during the holiday. However, earning a little more money than you’d have wouldn’t hurt your pocket. Most people don’t know that finding a part-time job during the holiday is a possible alternative. It allows you to work, gather experience, and save enough money to achieve some of your holiday dreams.

The good news about this is that there are quite some jobs specifically designed for people looking for something to do during the holiday. These jobs also come with conditions that are quite flexible and pays that are fitting for each role.

This tip should be of particular interest to people who have no serious plan for the holidays but still want to make sure they’re productive all through the period of the holiday. Getting a job to do can give you the feeling of being productive during the holiday, which may be worth more than the money you will get paid for doing the job.

You may want to apply for the job ahead of your holiday so that you won’t waste part of your holiday looking for a job. Go online and research on how to get a job in your chosen holiday location ahead of the holiday.

  • Learn a New Skill

Getting a job isn’t the only way to stay productive during the holiday. You can learn a new skill or pick up a hobby. You can check your surroundings to see the likely skills you might be interested in. There’s a wide variety to choose from photography, pottery, dancing, knitting, baking, makeup, among numerous others.

You can also check to see activities you might likely enjoy and subsequently take up as a hobby. Joining a group may help if you’re clueless on how to go about it. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have fun while at it!

  • Be Adventurous

Another major reason why most people end up not been as productive as much as they would’ve loved to is that they refused to be adventurous. If you refuse to move out of your residence during the holiday and go out to see places and have new experiences from time to time, you may come to discover that you don’t feel productive after your holiday even if you were busy all through.

This is because there’s a feeling of productivity that comes with been adventurous. However, you don’t need to engage in dangerous adventures during your holiday to feel productive. Little actions like going sightseeing, mountaineering, taking an exploratory walk to know your environment might be all you need.

When you explore your environment, you discover new things about it. Gathering new knowledge and making new memories can be thrilling. Your experiences can also form the bulk of what you will see as your achievement during the holiday, which invariably gives you a feeling of productivity.

  • Relax and Have Fun

This point shouldn’t go without saying. The reason why some people don’t feel productive at the end of the holiday season is that they were so busy achieving all their holiday plans that they forgot to relax and have fun during the holiday.

The lack of relaxation ends up robbing them of the feeling of productivity because they now have the feeling that they should have the holiday all over again and seize every available moment to relax and have fun. This is why you have to make relaxing and having fun during this holiday one of your top priorities. The good news is that you can still have fun while doing your more serious activities. All you need is an adventurous mind and the right set of people.


Ensuring you have a productive holiday doesn’t necessarily have to be an impossible task. Using the tips above as a guide, you can have fun, create new memories and still have a productive holiday. You should remember that productivity doesn’t have to be all work! Take out time to relax, get to know your immediate surroundings in between your more serious activities.