Summer Class Is Tiring – Snooze With “The Ostrich” Napping Pillow

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I can’t even count the times I’ve shadily passed out in class. Put up the hood and attempt to get comfortable in one of those incredibly uncomfortable desk chairs. After about 15 minutes of tossing and turning I would finally get myself settled, only to be called out by the professor for being that sleeping kid. But when those lecture hall lights go out, you can bet I’m laying my head on my arms and diving right back into my mid-day nap (it’s necessary for any college student who spends all night partying). But uncomfortable classroom naps are a thing of the past with the Ostrich. Find out more after the jump.


The Ostrich is a pillowy cocoon that you can stick both your head and hands in for a more comfortable napping experience. Of course you’re going to look like a complete moron with it on your noggin, but no more stupid than you would if you wore a Snuggie to class. Obviously you can’t rock this baby right up in the front of the lecture hall, so I’d save it for the nice 400 person classes that you can nab a back seat in (unfortunately you probably won’t have one of those until fall semester starts). Then it’s all just a matter of slipping it on and passing the fuck out. It’s better than falling asleep upright with your pen in your hand, then waking up to find drool destroying your illegible notes.

There is one problem though. How do you breathe? As far as I can see, there’s no opening for your nose or mouth, which makes this sleeping device more likely to simulate what it’s like to be taken hostage by militants who throw a black bag over your head…just slightly softer.


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