Summer Holidays in Florida: Top Tips For 2022

The Sunshine State is by far one of the most popular U.S. cities on a frequent jetsetter’s bucket list. Home to miles of sandy beaches, national parks, lively nightlife, and various tourist attractions – Florida is often considered the ultimate travel destination for families looking for a summer adventure.

There is a lot for you and your family to love about The Sunshine State, especially for your children (if you have them). Food suited to the pickiest of eaters, renowned amusement parks such as Universal Studios, and, of course, what guide to summer holidays in Florida would be complete without mentioning Disneyland.

It can be the trip of a lifetime for many, and what may have started as a summer holiday will surely turn into one of the fondest memories. This article outlines several tips to ensure that you have the best summer holiday in Florida, regardless of your goals for the trip – continue reading to find out more.

Seek Out Thrills

Especially if you have children, you’ve probably opted to vacation in The Sunshine State instead of the other U.S. cities due to Orlando’s range of theme parks. For theme park enthusiasts, Florida is the ideal getaway; however, no matter how big a theme park fan you might be, nothing compares to the parks which call Florida home.

Therefore, it pays to conduct some research into the amusement parks in Orlando, from looking into hotels near International Drive to tips and tricks for the best theme park experience. Suppose you and your family are serious about making the most out of your theme park visits.

In that case, you could consider staying in International Drive, Florida, a busy commercial area known for its proximity to theme parks. Whether you have your eyes set on Walt Disney World or Universal Studios, there will be something of interest for yourself. You should check out International Drive hotels so that you can be as close to the action as possible. It’s also worth browsing the internet for insider tips and information from previous visitors.

Although hotels near International Drive have a habit of booking up quickly due to their prime location, so to avoid disappointment, ensure that you book well in advance and use hotel comparison websites so that you aren’t paying over the odds for an already expensive holiday.

Book Fast Passes/Extras In Advance

Nothing is worse than getting to a theme park and spending most of the day waiting in line; the same can be said for arriving at Walt Disney World and discovering that you must book to meet certain characters to your and your children’s horror. To avoid this disappointment, ensure that you prepare for your theme park trip and book any fast passes/extras in advance.

Fast passes are available at just about any Orlando theme park, be it Universal Studios or Walt Disney World. They are not an obligatory part of the Florida theme park experience, but they boast many attractive benefits. From avoiding queuing in the humid, sticky Orlando heat to guaranteeing a go on a specific ride or meeting a particular character, they are well worth the investment if you want to avoid upset children!

We recommend booking fast passes and extras well in advance for Walt Disney Studios and reserving spaces in the queue while you’re at it. In contrast, other theme parks such as Universal Studios allow you to purchase fast passes/extras upon admission to the park.

Explore What Else Florida Has To Offer

Especially if you have children clamoring down your ear about Walt Disney World every second, we understand the temptation to spend most of your time flitting back and forth between Orlando’s amusement parks. However, doing so will mean that you and your family will miss out on exploring what else The Sunshine State offers.

Shopping, historical stops, water sports, sunbathing, museum-exploring, rambling, and much more are just some of the activities available for visitors to Florida. Although Florida is famed for visiting the beach all year round and all manners of water sports, you don’t have to be an outdoorsy person to be able to enjoy what activities the state offers. We guarantee that no matter what kind of person you are, Florida will have an activity for everyone – no matter how picky!

Beware Of Tolls

Next to accommodation, transportation is the second most crucial factor when planning a summer holiday in Florida. Forking out money for cabs every so often is reasonable, but the costs can quickly add up when you have a big family. One way to avoid this expense is by hiring a rental car for the duration of your holiday.

It’s no secret that America has some of the best roads globally, with wide highways and clear signposting for popular tourist destinations creating a stress-free driving experience. However, American roads might be a driver’s dream come true, but it comes at a hefty price in tolls. Whereas, if you hire a rental car, this expense is added to your bill when you come to return the vehicle, meaning that you don’t have to worry about stopping.

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