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By: Travis Harvey (Illinois State University)

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2010 has brought us one of the best summers when it comes to new music with so many new artists have stepped up to the plate to take on the big dogs. Last summer was all about Gaga and while the world is still in Gaga-land, there have been some newbie’s that have made quite the name for themselves. I mean… there’s Bieber fever running around, chicks thinking they’re cooler than Mike Posner, and everybody’s looking for love like Jason Derulo.

Now that summer 2010 is becoming fall 2010 its time to start looking at who has the staying power  and who has the chops to be the world’s newest sensation. There is room for more than one of course and I think these five rising stars have just what it takes.

Justin Bieber – Personally I don’t have Bieber Fever, but his music is so catchy and it gets stuck in your head that it’s hard not to like some of his songs.  I respect that he loves what he’s doing  and he’s actually good at it. No, I am not jumping on the Bieber bandwagon; I’m just saying the kid has what it takes to make it in the biz. This is the kid who snatched away all the Jonas brothers’ fans and he makes the tweens go weak in the knees. Most likely he’ll have a few years then young girls will find another to swoon over.

Jason Derulo- His single ‘In My Head’ has been stuck in my head for literally three months. The man is not going to let us forget who he is. Shouting his name randomly throughout songs is his thing and its making people listen. I remember when ‘Whatcha Say’ was released and it didn’t take off on mainstream mediums, but it was played loudly at every party I went to. I can’t wait to see what Mr. Derulo has in store for us next because the man is a star.

Ke$ha- First off let me just say this is a girl after my heart. She has a song for every poor life decision a college student can make. Singing about drunken texts and water bottles full of whiskey I’m in love! But seriously Ke$ha has a talent for entertaining every music video is hilarious and she just has me on the edge of her seat wondering what she is going to do next.  Sure her style looks like she went into her closet in the dark and came out wearing whatever… but she’s hot so it’s ok.

Mike Posner- Mike Posner is what I consider a cool guy and his music video for ‘Cooler than me’ is one wild ride. No designer shades could hide the fact that this guy is cooler than me, but he seems completely down to earth too.  His new album 31 minutes to take off is kind of like a mixture between a Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry sound pop beats with soulful singing.  His next song ‘Please don’t go’ has a club banger feel and heart felt love song at the same time.

Nicki Minaj – The hottest female MC in the business right now, maybe she gave herself the title but at least she has the rhymes to back it up. Just like her protege Lil Wayne Everything she touches is hot right now, she can make a pretty bland song something you’d want to hear over and over again. In my opinion she is one of the top new artists out there and I have a feeling she won’t let us forget that.

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