By Tyler R. Spaulding

Now that the semester’s over and most campuses have cleared out until mid-August, your insane rager nights have definitely taken a turn for the worst. Unless you’re content with hanging out in your parent’s basement for the next two months and texting your old fling from high school, you should be in need of some serious parties under the sun. This is the summer after-all which basically translates to road trip season…just because school’s out doesn’t mean you should stop making bad decisions. Have no fear, once again TRS is here to give you the hottest party spots around the country. With Memorial Day coming up, I chose to stay on the Northeast and party in the wilderness. Every summer a river in the Maine/New Hampshire area gets over run by pure debauchery, canoes and twenty somethings with no morals. The Saco River is one of the best spots for you and your and crew to hit up if you’re in the Northeast. Check out some videos and party tips after the jump of Saco.

If you’re looking for a weekend of camping mixed with a spring break atmosphere, Saco River is your spot. All day long, people bring out canoes loaded with booze and float down the river. Most people link up their canoes and everyone is more than willing to share what they got. If you’re too fucked up to float down a river there are tons of areas to chill out in the woods, a few beached areas or even places to kick it and play some volleyball. There are tons of girls down for the cause every weekend so don’t worry if your just rolling up with a few of your buddies in the meat wagon. Make sure to bring booze, food for the weekend, cases of water, and any camping equipment you might have in your garage. Since most people don’t have huge canoes laying around their house, you can always rent one for the weekend at Saco Canoe Rentals. Stay tuned throughout the summer for the biggest and best parties going down. If you think you have a location that throws down harder than the rest all summer long just let us know.

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