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When second semester comes to an end, the majority of college students come together in their hometowns for the start of the annual, nation wide holiday-SUMMER. Hot new hook ups, sloppy nights, ex-boyfriends, and an endless supply of alcohol all make up the start of a college student’s summer vacation. But although most of us can get away with extending this drunken holiday through the month of May, once Memorial Day comes and goes we must start thinking more like the mature individuals all of our parents pride us on being.

student1Time to sober up and gear up for our “responsibilities” of summer 2011. These responsibilities entail internships, summer school, or whatever else you were able to convince your parents were “productive” summer plans. These summer plans can become more of a hassle when it’s time to pack up for internships in NYC or clean your room in order to not get kicked out of the house. These summer responsibilities prioritize our lives, forcing us to switch roles from drunken college students to somewhat responsible adults. Get ready to do battle with your decisions.


Once we have entered a realistic state of mind, we start to contemplate whether or not it’s worth giving up your ex-boyfriend from high school who you recently starting talking to again, for your new fling that you met at your internship? We know that if we resort back to our ex-boyfriend things will get serious fast (as you both hold onto the memories of your perfect prom night and your numerous family vacations spent together), while our flings provide us excitement. Going at it on the second floor of a bar to joining the mile high club are just everyday activities…nothing out of the ordinary. So the real toss up is do we play it safe or have some fun? It is summer after all. Take it all into consideration, your only in college once.

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Even with our priorities in line, we all still want to party. There’s no way to cut drinking out of college students’ lives completely…common. With this being said, the question many of us tackle is when should we pass up a shot, and trade it in for our bed. When looking at the big picture, this answer is pretty easy. For all of you interning…there’s a reason why it’s called an internship, not a job. Tasks such as filing, creating databases, and answering phone calls do not require a salary. These simple skills are the basis of the majority of internships, hence why interns usually do not receive a paycheck. These effortless tasks can most definitely be done hungover; pop some Aleve, splash some cold water on your face and get moving. Now, if you landed a competitive internship that requires you to be on your game at all times or know your going to have a busy day. But at your typical internship, you may want to consider saving your partying for the weekend.

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When it’s all said and done, this summer let’s all…

Work Hard. Drink Hard. Think Before We Party. Have Fun.

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