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Happy Sunday Socialites!  It about that time for another Sunday BBQ with Chef Silly.  Special shout-out to Matty Ice for the fly new logo.  Puts me in the mood to cook and eat just by looking at the iconic Muppet with our Socialite twist.  Everyone in Miami, consider this a “last meal” of sorts.  Go Mavs!

Today’s Menu:

Bacon-stuffed Cheeseburgers

Smashed Potatoes

“White-Trash” Dessert

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Bacon-stuffed Cheeseburgers

– Put Bacon (approx two slices per burger) in pan and cook with NO OIL or BUTTER until crispy

– Chop Bacon into small pieces

– Mix in a dab of BBQ sauce and salt and pepper with the meat.  Try to touch the meat as little as possible, just incorporate ingredients and form burgers AROUND the chopped bacon

– Grill, flipping every 4-5 minutes until crusted on outside.  Add slice of cheese on the last flip and allow to melt and smother the burger

– Place on white bun with a slice of tomato


Smashed Potatoes

– Season small Yukon Gold potatoes with salt pepper and olive oil

– Place oil around the outside edge of a large saute pan

– Turn on heat and add potatoes around the outside in the oil

– Cook, flipping every 3-4 minutes, until soft

– “Smash” the potatoes slightly, so that they open but don’t mash completely

– Continue to flip, browning the outside

– Salt and serve


“White-Trash” Dessert

– Melt two bags of white chocolate chips in a double boiler

– Pour the melted chocolate onto a sheet pan over popcorn, crushed pretzels, Chex cereal and peanuts

– Mix until evenly dispersed

– Spread out on the sheet tray and allow to dry until hard

– Break apart and serve




Lebron Crying

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