By: Phil Michaels

Curb Your Enthusiasm

What makes Curb Your Enthusiasm such a good show? Is it the ridiculous verbal exchanges, which usually include somebody shouting at the top of his or her lungs or the extremely awkward situations?  I have never seen a show like this before, where someone is so misunderstood in life.

This past Sunday’s episode was titled “The Hot Towel” and it featured Christian Slater. Watching him try to pile as much caviar on to that tiny little cracker might have been the funniest part of the whole episode. Something about the idea of Christian Slater with a mouth so full of caviar that he can’t talk is very humorous.  Unfortunately, on the whole, this was a rather weak episode for Curb.  In the past, Curb has shown stamina when it came to comedy.  In “The Hot Towel,” several of the scenes seemed weaker than normal. For example, when the episode opened with Larry on the plane making fun of the man wearing shorts, it seemed a little forced. When I normally watch Curb Your Enthusiasm I have trouble breathing due to laughing so hard, but this past Sunday it was a different story.   So far this season seems enjoyable, but I hope Larry David has an ace up his sleeve. 

Bored to Death

Any story about drinking white wine and smoking pot has to be interesting, but if you add in mystery with a hint of sex, you have a goddamn masterpiece. Featuring Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson, and Zach Galifianakis, Bored To Death is HBO’s newest comedy and is taking on a whole new look.

Newsday claimed that “it sometimes lags and drags, as if it took a few tokes, too. But when it’s funny–and Bored certainly can be–it’s a winner.” I would have to say I agree completely and in fact I feel that the reason the show will end up being successful is because of how Jason Schwartzman embodies the sound of the writer’s published prose.

This past week on Bored to Death, Jonathan Ames takes a job to find a missing skate board. It just so happens that the boy who this skateboard belongs to has a hot mommy…but I’m sure that’s not why Ames decides to armor up. Unlike the other episodes in this trial season, this is something he actually has the ability to solve. It was recently released that HBO has green-lit Bored to Death for a second season.


Hank Moody certainly doesn’t have this teaching thing down cold, but he is certainly trying to get down with Susan Sarandon’s daughter, Eva Amurri.  This season on Californication, she plays the sexy student who moonlights as a stripper (nothing wrong with that). Hank, on the other hand, is playing the role of a single dad and school professor and finds the job a bit more challenging then anticipated. 

“Single dadness is not as easy as it looks, I gotta be up way early to make the morning meal and get the kid to school and then I gotta come home and wrestle with the blank page…before you know it its time start that fucking pick up line all over again. Then I have to make a vaguely healthy evening meal, I gotta monit0r her computer and texting activity…it’s fucking exhausting, I barely have time to get loaded anymore.” 

This past Sunday Hank attended a university mixer and delved into more then just his drink, but into his teaching assistant as well. So far this season Hank has managed to force a gay wannabe writer into attempting suicide and he helped a recovered alcoholic slip back into the bottle. So far so good for Hank Moody…the only question is, what will he do next? 


If you’re a fan of Dexter than you know that it is set in Miami, the series centers on Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a serial killer governed by a strict moral code of laws and rules.

The latest season seems to be sharper than ever, no pun intended. Like the previous three seasons, Dexter is driven by great dialogue and extremely interesting voice-overs that captivate the viewer’s attention. Michael C. Hall is more than brilliant in this suspense-packed thriller/drama.  One of the biggest reasons this show is so popular is because people like Dexter. Even though he is a killer, he gets people to care about his character.

In this past episode Dexter had to deal with a vandal that was terrorizing the neighborhood.  Instead dealing with the criminal in a conventional way, Dexter finds a way to make things interesting. 

My name is Phil Michaels and I will be writing recaps and reviews of the noted shows above as well as many others. If you want to hear my opinion on certain shows just comment below and I will be happy to respond. 


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