Support Movember Without The Stache (Keep Your Beer Cold Too)



Some people’s facial hair situation is less fortunate than others. It may be Movember but nobody wants to walk around with 8 little pubes sticking out of their face and call it a mustache. That’s just sad bro. Good thing this exists. The BeerMo Bottle Topper will allow you to celebrate Movember and give all your support to Testicular Cancer, without actually having to grow a pair (a stache). You’ll have to have a beer in front of your face at all times, but that shouldn’t be an issue for you.

The giant pile of Mustache and Beard novelty items on the internet continues to grow. Are they capitalizing on Novembeard and Movember? Who cares? It says “Duff Beer” on it, it has a mustache attached and it will keep my Beer cold. Total Package? Buy it here.

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