Sustainable Halloween Costumes: Tips by Solado

Soon we will celebrate the Halloween party and we want to do it in a sustainable way. Did you know that on this Halloween night plastic and textile waste multiply exponentially?

According to Greenpeace, the amount of polyester that makes up our daily clothing is around 60% and this number goes up to 83% when we talk about Halloween costumes. This is very alarming if we consider that 7 million costumes.

Make it unique with the details:

It is not necessary to have a 100% costume outfit to create a spectacular look, one option is to wear black with clothes from your closet and do creepy makeup and hairstyle. Another idea is to imitate a fictional character with a swirl print top which you will find on Solado.

If you need more inspiration, you can always go through our Halloween category and get some ideas to succeed on the scariest night of the year. We have a deal!

Last-minute costume purchases are soaring these days, and the more we are in a hurry, the less respectful of the environment we tend to be, which is why, at Solado, we want to give you some tips so that your costumes for this or any party are always sustainable.

Use what you have or borrow:

The most sustainable thing is to use the clothes already manufactured, how about we take a look in the closet? Surely there are some garments that can serve as an inspiration and as the basis for a scary outfit: vintage clothes from your family, that gothic dress from your friend or the old sheet from your house are great options to create an eco-friendly costume. A little imagination, a couple of DIY tutorials, and some patience are your best allies to be the star of the night. Let’s do it!

Tops and t-shirts on Solado:

Discover the premium women’s t-shirts and tops and you won’t want to wear anything else as they give you a touch of style and distinction with which you will feel great and make a difference whether you choose them for day or Halloween night. Renew your wardrobe by choosing the women’s branded t-shirts and tops that best suit you and that fit your style and your way of understanding fashion. Go for a V-neck tank top and combine it with your suede clothes, for example with a mini skirt, a jacket with zippers, and a fringed bag.

T-shirts and branded tops for women: choose your best option:

Don’t miss out on the premium women’s t-shirts and butterfly tops available in our catalog selected from the best brands, always looking for the best items for you.

If you like a relaxed and casual style and comfort above all else when choosing your clothes, get a polo shirt in a striking color such as lime green or pink that you can wear with the arrival of good temperatures together with white slim-fit jeans, boat shoes and a leather bag to enjoy Sunday with your partner and friends.

Do you need an elegant top for a formal event? So go for a round comfortable black blouse with beaded details that you can combine with a nude tube skirt, pastel shoes, and a handbag. The final touch will be achieved with a piece of minimalist jewelry and an elegant hair tie. At Solado, we love printed t-shirts, choose yours and combine it with your jeans for day-to-day.

Woman’s shirts:

If there is a feminine garment that stands out above the rest, it is women’s blouses. Well, the first thing we should point out is that there are certain differences between blouses and shirts since in the latter case it is a garment that has buttons and the collar is ironed down, while blouses do not have to have buttons or a particular collar.

Exclusive collection of women’s tops:

Open the doors of your wardrobe to fantasy: the most imaginative and original prints are very present in our selection of branded short sleeve backless top. From distinctive motifs to famous logos, these essential garments leave the refined imprint of the most prestigious firms on their fabrics. Now all you need are some sneakers and denim clothes to dazzle in your path.

Elegant blouses for Halloween party:

One of the advantages that you should take into account about blouses is that they are a garment that stands out for their versatility, since they are an ideal option to go out to a party or, if you prefer, you can use it to go to work or for more occasions informal.

Well, in case you need anelegant blouse, you have different possibilities, for example, blouses with lace or transparent examples and made with materials such as silk. Another ideal options for going out, especially if you are looking to offer your most sensual and feminine version, are the one-shoulder blouse.

In addition, another detail of women’s dress blouses is that you can combine them with a wide variety of garments that we offer you in our skirts, jeans, or pants categories.

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