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By: Bryan Dumas

It was the nightmare that became a reality, a mother, father, and their young children ambushed inside their home by a gang of masked, gun-toting robbers

The story had the makings to be something awful, but a potential disaster was averted thanks the quick thinking of a 7-year-old. When the assailants entered the home, Carlos grabbed his younger sister, a telephone, and locked them in a bathroom away from the action. The criminals were unaware of the children initially, and while they were ransacking the house little Carlos dialed 9-1-1 and alerted the authorities. 

Carlos remained cool, calm, and collected on the phone despite the situation going on outside. By the time police arrived three minutes later, the burglars had already fled without harming anyone or taking anything.

I think we can all agree that part of swagger is being able to handle yourself in all types of situations, and that’s asking a lot from a second-grader in the face of guns and robbers inside his home. Carlos didn’t cry, didn’t pee his pants, didn’t panic, instead he grabbed his sister and escorted her to safety, then had the presence of mind to call 9-1-1, a truly amazing feat from such a young child.

Carlos has rightfully been praised as a hero, and deserves this week’s Swag Award as well as a trip to Toys-R-Us…congrats Carlos!

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