Taco Bell FirstMeal: Food Coma Before Your 1st Class

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Taco Bells in California, the fast food kingdom of America, made a very important announcement today. One that might just change your life, or at least your hopes of productivity after noon. Taco Bell just introduced a brand new menu, trademarked as FirstMeal. Yep, if you happen to live in California, Arizona, or Colorado you can now eat your breakfast off a purple tray. The world’s most infamous fast food chain is now open early.


The new breakfast menu will be available in 750 stores throughout those states and feature 11 new menu items designed to knock your morning out and not let it back up. They will range from a 99 cent bacon or sausage egg burrito to a more luxurious $2.79 Grande Skillet Burrito. God only knows what’s in that thing. According to Taco Bell, they are teaming up with other food companies to provide a quality, great tasting FirstMeal, including Johnsonville Sausage. I wish I believed you Taco Bell. I wish I did.

Health and general wellness concerns aside, one can’t discount the convenience in being able to stop by your local Taco Bell drive through and grab a full breakfast for under $5. You probably ate it about 8 hours ago on your way home from the bar anyway, so why not continue the trend. Think about how much cash you could save eating Taco Bell for 4 meals a day. It might not offset the cost of quadruple bypass surgery later on in life, but you’re deal with that when your young. In this economy your sure to have a $100k a year job with full benefits by that time anyway!


Taco Bell said this initiative will continue on to east coast stores somewhere in 2013. We can hardly wait. All of our trends usually make their way from California, and 1,00o calorie fast food breakfasts is something we could totally get behind. For now we’ll just settle for Egg McMuffins and Hot Cakes. Shame.

Here’s the full menu. Are you salivating yet?

Sausage or Bacon and Egg Burrito, Hash Browns, Seattle’s Best Coffee® ($1.49 cents);

Cinnabon Delights™ ($1.49)

Tropicana Orange Juice ($1.49)

Johnsonville® Sausage and Egg Wrap ($1.79)

Seattle’s Best Coffee® Premium Vanilla or Mocha Iced Coffee ($1.99)

Steak and Egg Burrito ($1.99)

Grande Skillet Burrito ($2.79)

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