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When you went on your college admissions tour, sure they gave you cool facts about the campus, historic stories and tales about students who graduated long ago, but there’s more. Believe it or not, your campus and the surrounding community has a lot more hidden gems then you think. Campus Socialite and TagWhat have joined forces to bring you the information you should have, places you should know to go and the fun facts about the town you’re living in or visiting. Michigan is the second stop on the 2nd Annual Blitz & Beatz Tour, and with the tour comes new tagged knowledge with the TagWhat App.


1. Filmed: Scream 4

Scream 4 – who else was surprised it was even made? – was filmed in a house right off of the University of Michigan campus (4401 Varsity Drive, Ann Arbor, for the curious ones). Who knew? The house isn’t under any special surveillance, so feel free to scope it out…just make sure Ghostface doesn’t get you. In the fourth installment of the trilogy (because that makes sense), Sidney Prescott returns back to Woodsboro and local high schoolers start dying again. So what does she do? Reunite with her old pals to fight Ghostface. Does she win? I don’t know I haven’t seen the movie, but I’m sure she does. Suggestion: this house could make for a fun Halloween excursion next month.


2. Food: Zingerman’s Delicatessen

Now, I’ve never been to Michigan before, but after researching Zingerman’s Deli, seeing videos of how they make their sandwiches and homemade raspberry candy bars, I just might make a trip there. Call me a foodie or a fatty, whatever. Open your TagWhat App and see what I saw, and I promise you’ll feel the same way. The one-shop small business turned eight branches of deliciousness has a clean environment, all natural and homemade food, and a line out the door and around the corner before Saturday football games. If your hangover egg sandwich pregame for the football game is vital to your being, get your ass in line early.


3. Featured: The Diag

Obviously students at Michigan know what I’m talking out. Let’s give a nice shout out to the boys in Theta Xi for protecting the Brass M prior to the Michigan – MSU rivalry football game. We wouldn’t want that graffiti’d. Anyway, for all others confused, the Diag is the quad of U Michigan. It’s where students demonstrate, participate in activities, tan, you know…usual everyday collegiate activities. There’s the Brass M on the ground of the Diag, and rumor has it if a freshman steps on it before their first blue book exam, they’ll fail it. Knowledge is key here, kids. Watch your step.


4. Football: Michigan Stadium

The heart and soul of the Wolverines. Michigan Stadium is the largest football stadium in America and every college football player’s dream. Last year, the stadium underwent massive renovations and is bigger and better than ever, and this weekend, they’ll be playing their first night game under the new lights. So exciting I hope they win. Every Saturday during football season in Michigan is a recurring holiday, fully decked out in school spirit, rivalry competition and increased traffic for the university and surrounding community. Again, I’ve never been to Michigan but I would totally love to see a game at this stadium.


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