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Take A Permanent Trip to Vegas with The Hangover on DVD

The Passion of the Christ, The Matrix Reloaded, Saving Private Ryan and The Hangover.  One of these films sticks out like a boner in sweatpants – can you guess which one?  Yes, of course I am talking about The Hangover, the lone comedy amidst a series of serious films with nine figure budgets.  You will be surprised to know that although it’s comedic genre may differ from the other films listed above, The Hangover, is the third highest grossing R-rated movie ever in the U.S. and the most profitable R-rated comedy ever to be released in our fine country.  Although I’m sure many of you saw the movie as it tore through theaters this past summer, but if you’re anything like me then once is far from enough.  Although it will not be released until Tuesday (12/15), I just received my advanced copy of The Hangover and it has instantly moved to the top of my DVD wolf pack.  Check out more on The Hangover DVD after the jump…

The Hangover, the ultimate comedy about a bachelor party gone wrong, comes as a single disc edition, but it does pack a few Vegas-sized extras.  A 15-minute feature titled “Map of Destruction” offers a hilarious journey through key locations in the film where the film’s core action unfolded.  Landmarks like Caesars Palace where our protagonists kick off their night of depravity, and the Casino at the Riviera where Alan and the boys recover the $80,000 they needed to save Doug are highlighted along the way.  Outside of the laughs it brings, the “Map of Destruction” is really a chance to revisit the film and many of its best moments, with interesting commentary thrown in from the people involved in each scene.

Zach Galifianakis on his role in The Hangover

Another feature is the “Three Best Friends Song” performed admirably by an emotionally charged Alan.  This is presented as an extended scene from the film in which Phil, Stu and Alan head to Mr. Chow to return his money and collect Doug.  There’s also a roughly eight-minute gag reel with outtakes from your favorite scenes in the film – a guaranteed source of hilarity for all viewers.  Basically if you’re male, over 16 years old, and enjoy sex, booze, retired boxing champions, and zoo animals in hotel rooms, you have to have The Hangover in your DVD collection. This one’s for keeps.

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