By: Paige Fagan (Buffalo State College)

I loved college. As a recent graduate I feel it is important to celebrate some of the best years of my life by sharing my experience. There are some great things a student should experience at Buffalo State College, all within a walking distance. What does that mean? NO car necessary, as freshman are no longer allowed to keep a car on campus, sorry newbies. 

Right across the street from the college is the Albright Knox Art Gallery. Their hours are from noon to five every day except Friday, which is open till ten pm. guess what? There are free admissions on Fridays from 3-10 so enjoy!! One of my favorite exhibitions was by Lucas Samaras, and is called the Mirrored Room. It is literally a room made of mirrored glass from the floor to the ceiling. You have to take your shoes off to go in it and when you look up or down it’s like a never ending tunnel into the universe.

Another Buffalo State treasure is Delaware Park, located behind the Albright Knox. In other words, it is another site to see in walking distance from the campus. This site is for people of all demographics. With a rose garden, golf course, play ground and walking trails, the park is a familiar place for any Buffalonian. Have a romantic walk with your significant other or a picnic with some friends. A favorite memory of mine is staying up all night and walking to Delaware Park to watch the sunrise. There was birds chirping and mist coming up off of the water. It was so beautiful and there was no one in site. When you’re at college you do not really have anyone to answer to so why not stay up all night then go for a beautiful morning stroll.

Last but not least on my list off great places to walk to from campus is Pano’s, a local restaurant that has evolved with the changing times. The restaurant has been on Elmwood for thirty years and has won awards for the cheapest eats in Buffalo. Right down the block from school and cheap…what more could a student ask for.?Also, Plano’s is open pretty late, their hours are seven am till one am, so if you’re out partying don’t be afraid to stop for a drink or bite to eat. Some of my favorite menu items are the grilled stuffed pita with spinach and cheese, and the steak and eggs that also comes with the best home fries , and toast for only 6.99!! Also, Pano’s had the best Mimosa’s because they use fresh squeezed orange juice!

These are only a couple of the great places located near the college and Elmwood village, so if you’re planning a college trip or just near for a visit these places are BIG winners!!

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