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The fourth of July is synonymous with so many monumental events and pastimes, namely our nation’s independence, hard-fought victory for our forefathers, my mother’s birthday (Happy Birthday Mom, you are a super lady), and of course the cooking of astounding quantities of meat nationwide.  Nothing captures the essence of July 4th better than a well-executed barbeque and the Campus Socialite would love nothing more than to guide you on your mission for grilling glory that would make our ancestors proud.  The key to any baller BBQ is to lock an overwhelming amount of flavor into each bite and this is made possible with the help of Reveo’s MariVac Food Tumbler Marinader.

You ever wonder just how the master grillers at the world-renowned steakhouses like Peter Luger’s (New York), Charlie Palmer Steak (D.C. and Las Vegas), and Smith and Wollensky (located in several major U.S. cities) make every entrée another addition to your list of potential last meals prior to the electric chair?  Their secret is in the thorough preparation of the meal, specifically the marinating of meat to allow for full flavor penetration and guarantee an astounding level of deliciousness (yes for those of you keeping track, I did just use the words meat and penetration in the same sentence – get over it, we are talking about food here sicko).

The best chefs use large-scale devices to rotate the meat and keep air out, ensuring even taste distribution throughout meals.  For around $180, The Reveo Marivac Food Tumbler Marinader (, known as the Mercedes of Marinders, allows you to use half the marinade while boosting flavor and reducing time spent readying your food of choice.  Just 10 minutes in the Reveo loads up meat with much more taste than a full 24 hours of traditional bag-soaking marinating.

Winner of the 2004 Vesta award for Best New BBQ Accessory (this is like the Oscars for grillmasters), the Reveo MariVac works by removing air from the barrel and stretching open the meat’s fibers to allow it to absorb the maximum amount of marinade.  The paddles in the rotating barrel mix the food with the marinade to make for a tender, savory, and ready to cook product.

Don’t take any chances with your 4th of July barbeque, let the Reveo Marivac Food Tumbler Marinader do the job and join your favorite meat and marinade together in a relationship as beautiful as America and freedom.


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