In the thick of a college weekday, the hours often move so fast that students are bound to let certain things slip through the cracks.  The day-by-day student planner is a nice way to get by for kids ages 6 through 17 who need to be reminded of student council meetings and spelling bees, but it just doesn’t hack it in the big leagues.  When you have 16 credits, countless papers and exams, and a busy social life to balance, the only way to stay on top of things is through the ultimate task manager – MyNoteit.

MyNoteit ( is a recently launched website that acts as a virtual knapsack (yes, knapsack has a silent “k” and may just be the funniest word in the English language) and keeps your life organized no matter how cluttered your agenda may become.  Created by Alex and Justin Weidmann in April 2009, MyNoteit is produced by students and taps directly into the campus pulse with features including note sharing platforms, digital to-do lists, professor contact info, and an advanced calendar to stay on top of all assignments and appointments.

MyNoteit’s flagship service is, as you would have guessed, their assistance with note taking.  Users are able to create, edit, and store all of their notes, upload documents, bookmark key lessons, and search the site database for any notes pertaining to a particular subject.  The homepage displays members’ most recent notes from all classes as well as deadlines and an updated to-do list.

Still not sold?  MyNoteit is so confident in their product that they have included a “Demo” try it yourself section on the welcome page to familiarize you with the site prior to signing up.  Helpful, user-friendly, and innovative, MyNoteit promises to be a mainstay in students’ Internet bookmarks for semesters to come.


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