New York City nightlife is as difficult to navigate as an M. Night Shyamalan film – just when you think you’re getting somewhere you realize that just like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense, your chances at a solid night out were dead all along.  Between the endless lines, annoying cover charges, and astronomical drink prices, you begin to wonder why anyone would want to celebrate their birthday in NYC?  Before you become too disillusioned, take a look at the comprehensive planning services offered at and you may just give the big city another shot for your next blowout.

Birthday Party is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to plan a memorable night without the added stress of dealing with full-of-shit promoters, meathead bouncers, or sleazy managers looking to squeeze you for thousands of dollars. Selecting bars and lounges that are custom fit for you and your guests, Birthday Party is the only sure bet when trying avoid those disastrous birthday experiences.

Some of the perks of planning your big night with Birthday Party include the help of a free specialist, a complimentary bottle of champagne or liquor, no cover or lines, and a photographer who will be on hand to take a few snapshots that will probably end up on Facebook and keep you from ever getting hired to a respectable job.

The innovative minds at Birthday Party allow you to sort potential birthday destinations by location or popularity. Their website also is loaded with professional reviews complete with photos, dining options, type of music played, and overall vibe of each venue.

Stop cutting your nights short at 12:30 am with your wallet $200 lighter and let Birthday Party give you the best gift of all – a worry free evening to remember in the greatest city in the world.


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