Talisman Active Wood Speakers by Serene Audio: Quality And Freshness

talisman active speakers

Looking for ways to spice up your habitat. If you aren’t, then you should be. With the mountains of cool shit that’s available today, and you reading our site and all, there’s no reason why your pad shouldn’t be epic on the style meter. Getting a girl to walk into your room is one thing, but closing is another, and putting time (and a little cash) into the aesthetics of your bedroom helps. Trust us.

On that note, if you think those black, 90’s style speakers that came with your computer are doing you any favors, you are sadly mistaken friend. With the Electro revolution in full swing, and music as a lifestyle choice making the first serious comeback since the early 90’s, even the way you get your sound is expressive of who you are and what you represent. If you want to represent a dude who wouldn’t know bass if Skrillex lived in his basement, stick with what you have. If you want to represent a dude who knows his shit, and could probably impregnate a girl with Ivy League babies from the other side of a football field, check out Serene Audio’s Talisman Active. Seriously.


If you take a look at these things and don’t think they’re the coolest speakers you have ever seen in your life, you’re probably not very cool. Just being honest here. Serene audio makes a whole line of wooden style speakers with sick specs and amazing design, but the Talisman Actives have to be my favorite. According to Serene Audio, the style is inspired by “The trunk of an Oak tree,” and is “Both modern and organic.” We don’t know about all that, but we do know is we need them on every desk in this office, ASAP.

talisman speakers

The driver is custom made with a super high quality amplifier, and on top of just looking cool, the wavy Nathan’s french fry design aids in the projection of sound to every corner of the room you put them in, provides ultra-low distortion, and prevents standing waves. I have no idea what that last bit means, but hey, sounds good to me. The input is RCA 3.5mm (standard) with 30 Watts of power. I’m not gonna bore you dudes with every spec, but check out their site for more details.

The speakers also come in home theatre sizes as well and different styles, but these are definitely the coolest of the styles, and lets be honest, your iPod is where you need the sound, not your TV. At $500 for the pair, they’re a bit on the expensive side. But in a house with 5-10 dudes all chipping in for the party room, shouldn’t be a problem and well worth one if it is. If you’re going for cheaper, check out any of the other speakers posted on this site, but if you wanna go real baller, Talisman Actives are where it’s at.

Get the Talisman Active Speakers from Serene Audio here



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