Tapestry Girls: 10 Fabulous Finds for Your Room

There is something so incredibly euphoric about opening the door to your own little safe haven. Whether it be at your room at your parent’s house, your bedroom in your apartment (like mine), or your dorm room in college, this is your space to let loose and really allow your self-expression to take over. And if you’re anything like me, part of that process is switching things up now and then.

For the longest time, my room was very, for lack of a better word, plain. At that point in my life, that was exactly what I wanted. But as I grew older, my creative side began emerging more and more, hungering to surround myself with modern designs and authenticity. Simply put, I had outgrown my outdated room and was ready for a significant change. After spending weeks searching for the perfect brand that could deliver me the design visionaries I was after, I discovered Tapestry Girls, the brand that single-handedly transformed my space into everything I have ever dreamed of.

My 10 Fabulous Finds

For starters, Tapestry Girls is a leading interior designing brand that, quite literally, has everything you need to manifest your room. Aside from the quality and vast selections, getting all the assets I needed in one spot was the very reason I chose them when redesigning my room. With that being said, here are 10 of the most wonderful finds I found browsing through the site, ones that just might help you obtain your room décor objectives too.

  1. Midnight Moon Tapestry – I love all the tapestries that Tapestry Girls features, but the midnight moon one really caught my eye. It offers a new layer of complexity and statement-making vibes without being overly dramatic. In summary, not only is this a beautiful, enlightening piece that fit perfectly within my modern room theme, but it is also made with the most quality rich material for lasting appeal.
  2. The Softy White Bed Set – The moment I came across this fabulous find, I knew I had to have it. In conjunction with the super soft fabric, the modern white color made it conform so nicely into my space with the midnight moon tapestry. The set is ultra-comfortable, warm yet light, and surprisingly easy to clean for being as white as it is.
  3. Emily White Tufted Headboard – What is a white bed set without a luxury white tufted headboard? This faux leather, textured headboard was an ideal investment to add to my room, implementing a sense of sophistication and elegance. The best part is that this particular headboard is only available through Tapestry Girls, meaning quality and durability will never be an issue.
  4. Moon Dreamcatcher with Lights – It’s not every day you find a gorgeous dream catcher that has eco-friendly LED lights intertwined with it. In addition, it came with a hanging hook for decorating ease, is USB powered and battery operated. All in all, between the ambient lights, moon head and long trail of woven design, this dreamcatcher truly completes any room design regardless if it is day or night.
  5. Curtain LED Lights – I will never have to reside in a dark, dull room ever again between the moon dreamcatcher and my curtain LED lights. These UL-certified curtain lights just so happen to be one of Tapestry Girls’ best-selling items, and for good reasons. They add that sensational ambiance and glow for any interior design, and the bright illuminance provides an extra layer of security to be shielded from the outside.
  6. White Glow Stars – When you think of glowing stars, you probably picture actual five-pointed star shapes. Though that is great for its own purposes, these white glow stars from Tapestry Girls are the most realistic and long glowing ones I have come across. Looking up to the dark ceiling to these glowing beauties makes you feel as if you are outside, really connecting you with nature in the most decorative way.
  7. New York Poster – As someone with New York roots, this poster was a winning find for me. It fit the modern style of the room with the different fonts and black and white color and portrays my love for my home all in one. If New York does not resonate with you, know that Tapestry Girls has tons of other posters as well, one (or two or three) of which is bound to meet your style and room décor goals.
  8. Marble Tapestry – I may or may not have invested in a second tapestry for my room. The moment I saw this marble tapestry, I knew I had to have it. The white canvas with the chaotic black yet structured lines that resemble true marble gave my room a more classic and exquisite aesthetic. I chose the smaller size for this one, and it fit so nicely as a backdrop for my vanity area.
  9. Neon Moon – With my moon(ish) theme, I couldn’t pass on the neon moon sign that Tapestry Girls features. I actually purchased two of them to place on both sides of my moon dreamcatcher, a choice I am still highly proud of. Like all the other lighting products on the site, this neon moon is eco-friendly, made with LED silicon strips, and gives an amazing warm glow that screams both 1980s retro and simplistic modernization.
  10. Original Letter Box – Last but not least, the original letter box from Tapestry Girls was a décor item that I never knew I was missing until I saw it. Adding this to my nightstand gives me a healthy dose of motivation/empowerment each morning and night, almost like my personal vision board that glows. The best part is that there are over 100 letter pieces, meaning you can form any saying, phrase, or words that deeply inspire you.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a sign to upgrade your room into something that genuinely reflects who you are, then let this be it. Overall, I spent way too much time contemplating if adding décor to my room was worth it or not, but now I know for sure that the value that comes from doing so is second to none. From the neon lighting to the vibrant lifestyle tapestry, down to the mystic dreamcatcher, it all harmonically blends together to paint the perfect picture of who I am. In a nutshell, we all deserve to have a room that is a direct reflection of us and fulfills the craving for personalization. As for me, I made that happen through finding Tapestry Girls, and I can tell you right now that they will be my forever “go-to” source for any and all future revamping goals.

Happy decorating!



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