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TCS Super Bowl XLVI Dream Matchups

lombardi trophy

The stage is set, with only four contenders for the ultimate prize remaining. We are in the midst of the final week of action before Super Bowl Sunday. Technically the Pro-Bro is sandwiched in between but giving the Pro-Bowl credibility would be as asinine as letting Ray Lewis take your daughter out. All we’re thinking about is conference championships, then Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Superbowl. As we saw with the Packers’ early rounds ousting, there is no chance at any kind of intelligent prediction, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream up some scenarios. Here are the 4 possible Super Bowl match-ups complete with our pre-emptive commentary. We have our preferences of course, but the Super Bowl is like sex with an 8. How bad could it be?

Brothers Brawl (Ravens Vs. 49ers)

harbough brothers

If the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ners earn victories, two fearsome, reckless, and no-nonsense coached teams would be squaring off in a desperate blood bath of a matchup. Whichever team was able to score 20 points (or even 15) first in this defensive contest would most likely hold the Lombardi Trophy. More importantly though this game would be headlined by brothers coaching against one another in Jim and John Harbaugh. No brothers have ever faced off in the Super Bowl making for a classic Hollywood movie script, and epic sports television,  unless of course you are Jack and Jackie, parents of both John and Jim Harbaugh. Memo to the Harbaugh family, there are names available that don’t start with the letter J.

2001 Super Bowl Revisited (Giants Vs. Ravens II)

ravens giants 2001

If the New York Giants win this weekend it cold means a rematch with a fairly recent Super Bowl opponent. New York has a 3-1 record on the bright lights, with their one loss coming against the still surging Baltimore Ravens. New Yorkers would rather not be reminded. The final score in the 2001 Super Bowl was 34-7, an awful display of sport from a team that should have been able to at least score in double-digits. The Ravens also have the all time series lead of 9-2 against the G-Men. A lot has changed. Trent Dilfer is also no longer quarterbacking and instead now rips on quarterbacks for ESPN. Still the Ravens are a tough opponent that can actually contain Eli Manning and his prolific passing game, unlike the Patriots whose secondary is soft as a Tom Brady’s Ugg ads. Expect a lot of drama, a lot of chaos, and hopefully not a true repeat.

Brady vs. Joe Montana’s Ghost (49ers Vs. Patriots)

joe montana

Let me get this out in the open: As a passionate and bitter New York Jets fan… I HATE TOM BRADY! I am sure some of you love the Golden Boy whom I at least respect for winning 3 Super Bowls and more importantly, marrying Gisele Bundchen. Brady Swag aside, fans should be weary of the implications of this matchup. What I mean is how many comparisons to Joe Montana can we actually handle? We know how much Sports Center loves quarterbacks. Personally, I’d like to see more footage of Alex Smith throwing to Verne Davis than Montana throwing to Jerry Rice. Is that too much to ask?

David Tyree Me Please (Giants Vs. Patriots II)

david tyree catch

Yet another Super Bowl rematch for The Giants, and an entire week’s worth of one of the biggest highlights in Football history, on your TV, over and over again. Besides the catch, the game was one for the records. The Patriots were on the verge of having an undefeated season and being named the greatest football team of all time only to lose to Eli Manning, Plaxico Burres, and the G-Men. If the game is close, whichever team has the ball last finding a way to win it at the end. If it looks anything like last time, this game potentially would set record ratings. Even if everyone with a moderate interest watches the Super Bowl anyway.

Just thinking about all of these potential battles has me salivating. Except the one of course. Whatever happens, happens. All I’m saying is who wouldn’t want to see Eli and Brady showdown again, following two typically elite seasons? But like I said before. The championship football is like sex. It may not be the matchup you want and rarely the finish, but are you gonna turn it down?

Early Lines as of Tuesday, according to Sportsbook.com:

-7.5 New England

-2.5 San Francisco

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