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Its freshman orientation time here at Illinois state university and with the fresh meat comes people who are just… well different. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being different, but sometimes it can go a bit far. College campuses have cliques that are unique, some you can even go so far as to say they have a cult following, but maybe with this freshman class we’ll get a new kind of clique…the kind that likes to howl at the moon.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well a group of teens in San Antonio have taken their clique to a whole new level. They wear tails, contact lenses to make their eyes more frightening, and fangs, but they are always home by curfew… unless there is a full moon. School officials aren’t worried because it’s seen as free expression and since they aren’t hurting anyone there is no problem.

Seriously this is just taking things a little too far in my opinion, like this is the extreme of weird. I mean I guess this is how people responded when kids first started being Emo and Goth, but man this is just crazy. I really hope this doesn’t make Hollywood think about making a Teen Wolf remake because enough is enough with these remakes and reboots. Just look at what they’re doing to The Karate Kid, that really better not suck or else I’m boycotting something I don’t know what yet but I’m going to.

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