Tessa Presents: Dungeon Hunter 2 and Two More Apps of the Week


Welcome back to our weekly Apps of the Week column! I’ve spent a lot of time “diligently looking for the highest-quality apps” (read: recovering from holiday hangovers) and I think I’ve found a few good solid, classic apps that everyone should have. This article is sponsored by the Tessa: a kick-ass customizable iPad stand that helps adjust to your lifestyle. So let’s get to it.

Dungeon Hunter 2

Okay, so call me a nerd, but when I’m in transit for a really long time, I like to have a game like Dungeon Hunter 2 to keep my brain occupied. Sure it’s a year old now, and Dungeon Hunter 3 has since been released, but DH3 sucks, so why not bust out a classic, good game? You’ll play through a Diablo-esque game, with an actual story, characters and stuff, and you’ll have a lot of fun as long as you don’t let any cute girls see what you’re playing. In fact, while you’re playing it just have your eyes slightly squinted, and nod slowly. Maybe they’ll think that you’re having a smart conversation.

Top 3 lies to tell to people when they ask you what you’re doing while you’re playing Dungeon Hunter 2:

  1. “I’m just checking my stocks. Greed sure is good.”
  2. “Oh just reading some Modern American Literature.”
  3. “Checking The Campus Socialite… that Jay Kay sure is hilarious, tell your single female friends about him!”

So, it may be nerdy, but as long as you hide it from everybody else, it doesn’t really matter. Just keep these lies handy.


If you don’t have Flipboard yet, then you’re seriously behind, dude. You know how newspapers and magazines are aesthetically pleasing, but just so damned inconvenient? Well, Flipboard fixes all of that by taking all your favorite websites and putting them together like you’re reading through a chic magazine. You can facebook stalk in style by pretending that you’re reading through a tabloid that’s just about your friends!

Top 3 things that should be made more visually pleasing:

  1. Ugly girls
  2. Pugs
  3. Adele

If you don’t like the new facebook timeline, then this would probably be a easier way to look through facebook on your iPad without getting pissed. You can also read tweets from some of your favorite people (like Tim Siedell) while looking like you’re reading the news!


Even though it sounds like a strange, new kind of sexual orientation, Epicurious is an awesome cooking app that is perfect for college students with a kitchen. We’re the digital generation, so I don’t want to turn through pages and pages of Betty Crocker recipes… I want a recipe immediately in the palm of my hand. All you have to do is choose the kind of recipe you’re looking for, what you want the main ingredient to be, and BAM. Recipes at your finger tips.

Top 3 simple recipes that college students are probably going to search for:

  1. Grilled Cheese
  2. Mac and Cheese
  3. Cheese in general

Maybe it’s just because I love eating, but this app just makes me want to cook all the time. Impress your friends, have a sexy night with your girlfriend, or just have yourself a fancy dinner-for-one while you watch Frasier on Netflix. Not that I’ve done that. Ever.

This article is sponsored by Tessa, who believe that products should conform to your lifestyle, not the other way around. They achieve this goal by designing a product that is customizable to your lifestyle. To find out more about Tessa check them out on Facebook and Twitter. Help them get funded by checking out their KickStarter

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