Tessa Presents: Infinity Blade II and More Apps of the Week


Welcome back to our weekly Apps of the Week column! I’ve spent a lot of time “working hard” (read: doing a lot of nothing) and I think I’ve found a few good ways to improve your iPhone and/or iPad with a few awesome apps. This article is sponsored by the Tessa: a kick-ass customizable iPad stand that helps adjust to your lifestyle. So let’s get to it.

Infinity Blade II

So one of my biggest problems with games for the iPad or iPhone is that they’re not very epic. Sure you could samurai slice some fruit, but I want some kind of awesome killing-monsters-and-messing-shit-up game. That’s where Infinity Blade II comes in. You’re some knight dude and you’re fighting these huge douche-monsters, and it looks like a real video game. Honestly, you could show me the same trailer as the one below, and I would have believed it was coming out on the 360 and Playstation 3. If you’re heading home after finals right now, this will kill a lot of time in that train, plane, or automobile.

Top 3 things you won’t get while playing Infinity Blade II

  1. Ass
  2. Cool new friends
  3. A newfound respect for Norway

So if you want to get your nerd on, and you’re comfortable with your popularity, pick up Infinity Blade II and kill some shit.


This is for the people who want to actually hand write their notes, but still have all the portability and awesomeness of the iPad. With Penultimate you can bust out a pen or a finger and draw on the screen. There’s always the chance that you’re going to crack your screen if you’re not careful, but stop being stupid and don’t break anything! Take some notes, draw funny doodles of yourself as a walrus, I dunno, get creative! Like this guy:

Top 3 Things you’ll probably end up drawing:

  1. Penises
  2. Cubes
  3. More Penises

Of course they want to market this as a note-taking application, but I think we all know what we’ll be using this for: drawing while we’re waiting for class to end.


Alright, this one goes out to all of you music nerds out there. If you want to mix songs on your lunch break and practice your spinning, this app is for you. You can mix songs with two separate tracks and do it on a screen without having all that gear with you. Impress girls while you’re on the go, and mix songs while you’re walking behind them on your way to class. Or just have Seinfeld and laugh tracks ready for when you tell jokes. You know, things that funny people do.

Top 3 Songs you never knew went well together:

  1. Slipknots “Duality” with Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas”
  2. Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” with Eminem’s “Kill You”
  3. Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” with Horsedick.mpeg’s “Ima F*** a White B*tch”

So mess around with your songs on iTunes until you find the perfect mix. If you have good music taste, I think you’ll be just fine.

This article is sponsored by Tessa, who believe that products should conform to your lifestyle, not the other way around. They achieve this goal by designing a product that is customizable to your lifestyle. To find out more about Tessa check them out on Facebook and Twitter. Help them get funded by checking out their KickStarter

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